Teach mixed methods using the Titanic datasets

Thanks to downloadable datasets, a step-by-step exercise, and key-publications, you will be able to learn or teach mixed methods to your students.

This website offers practical tools to anyone wanting to learn or teach Mixed Methods in the Social Sciences. You have access to three key-publications, downloadable datasets in different formats, and a three-hour-long exercise. Thanks to this ready-to-use pedagogical material, you will be able to learn or teach Mixed Methods to your students.




Why use the Titanic datasets to teach Mixed Methods?

They fascinate students

Students are fascinated both by the historical case of the Titanic and by the spectacular correlations between gender/class and likelihood of survival.

They show the added value of Mixed Methods

The example shows that a mixed methods analysis is actually superior to a mono-method analysis of the survival probabilities on the Titanic.

They are ready-to-use

The example can be put to use immediately. You can download the data-sets, the syntax, a 3-hour exercise, and 3 published articles on the case.


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