The following three papers can help you with your use of the Titanic datasets. While the first one (Stolz & Lindemann 2020) will specifically help you teach mixed methods step by step, the two others (Stolz & Lindemann 2010 / Stolz, Lindemann & Antonietti 2019) can be used to argue for the usefulness of such methodology and discuss its philosophical background.

1. How to teach Mixed Methods

Stolz Jörg, Lindemann Anaïd (2020). Using the Titanic datasets to teach mixed methods data analysis.
Unpublished manuscript (Please do not cite).

2. Principles of
Mixed Methods

Stolz Jörg, Lindemann Anaïd, Antonietti Jean-Philippe (2018). Sociological explanation and mixed methods: the example
of the Titanic. Quality & Quantity.

3. Game Heuristics and Mixed Methods

Stolz Jörg, Lindemann Anaïd (2019). The Titanic Game Theory. Introducing Game Heuristics to Mixed Methods Theorizing and Data Analysis. Journal of Mixed Methods Research. 1-23

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